There are multiple exciting opportunities for improving the experience that staff members have with technology at this organization. The organization in question is experiencing connectivity problems and wants a more reliable local area network. The LAN needs to be increased in scale, as the switches do not have enough ports to support Ethernet for every user, and the router seems to be increasingly unreliable. Further, the wireless network(s) are currently spotty and some hardware, like a few of the wireless access points, is several years old. Much of this hardware will likely need to be replaced, configured, and tested. This organization is also in the process of migrating to cloud services, and there are plenty of opportunities for assisting individual staff members through the migration. In addition, the organization wants to embrace the various opportunities for improving security while these changes are being made. Specifically, it will be a good idea to ensure that there is a consistent environment wherein it will be easier to ensure that security patches and anti-malware scans are performed. Finally, it will be important to record the solutions to these opportunities so that a documentation can remain on file for for later reference.

Project Student:  Matthew Gallagher