The project assigned to this intern is an asset tracking web application for a local landscaping company that operates out of Lizton, Indiana. This landscaping company has a big need to find an efficient way to store vital company data. In the past this company used excel spreadsheets to keep track of their inventory, payroll, work related activities and chemical applications that are vital to the operations of the company. One of our instructors is friends with the owner of this landscaping company and suggested that to steer away from the use of the excel spreadsheets a web application attached to an SQL database should be built as a solution to the company’s need.

In the web application that is being built, the user will be able to interact directly with the SQL database and its tables via the user interface of the application. The user will be able to edit, insert, delete and select data directly to the database. Authorized users will be able to keep track of employee data and payroll information also via this web application. Users will also be able to keep track of their seeds, their processes, their chemical applications, greenhouses, inventory and much more.

                                                                                                Project  Student:  Angel I Salas-Phillips