The objective of the project is to install an intrusion detection system (IDS) for a University Course.  The client wanted an IDS installed and configured within the server room overseeing the computer lab that I.T. students uses for both classes and lab.  However, due to the level of knowledge of the students, the administration wanted something set up so they could see what the students were doing on the network.

For this project, a decision was made to use SELKS for the IDS first and foremost because it comes with community rules and it is opensource.  Additionally SELKS hosts several different programs that help fill out the features of the IDS.  Once fully operational it will be able to block ports on lab computers, when malware or viruses are detected.  This is an ongoing project since the IDS requires maintenance and investigations are conducted when alerts occur,  Additionally, rules can be implemented to detect violations on the school’s internet usage policy.

Student Team Members:  Joshua Waggoner and Scott Marley