CERIAS stands for the Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security. CERIAS is a leading research and education center located at Purdue University. The center focases on areas of information security that protect important computing and communication infrastructure. Several departments and faculty in six different colleges are involved in the center’s research.

University Information Security Office(UISO)

Provides the security analysis, development, education, and guidance that keeps Indiana University’s infrastructure secure. The office also works together with the University Information Policy office to investigate abuse of Indiana University’s technology resources.This site has lots of good information about information security at IU.

International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2

A global not-for-profit group focused on developing an information security standard. They also offer education and certifications such as CAP, SSCP,and CSSLP as well as other well as other well known certification.


SANS is an organization that offers a wide variety of options for training in information and computer security topics as well as offering exams for various Global Information Assurance (GIAC) certifications.


LinixSecurity.com offers articles, commentaries, and surveys focused on the latest advancements in Linix.

Linux Survival

A Linux Basics Tutorial

Microsoft Security

This is Microsoft’s security website. Offers security information ranging from Microsoft products designed to help with security to the latest Microsoft security updates.

Security Focus

Offers mailing lists on a variety of topics including bugtrack which discusses and announces computer security vulnerabilities and security focus mailing lists which allow disscussion from all around the world on security issues.