This group’s project integrates multiple programs and software to enhance the security and monitoring of the Living Lab network. Some tools such as Proxmox, GRR, Spiceworks, OSquery, Veyon are used in order to create the proper environment to be able to monitor and examine the lab network and PCs. Using the tools allow for monitoring of individual PCs, and Veyon can even control the Living Lab computers in ET 007A and ET 007B. Monitoring the network and reporting any critical issues lies within the scope of the project.

Another project that the group will work on is implementing active directory services for the Living Lab. This includes ensuring options for disaster recovery, fail-over, Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), and more. The group’s projects are intended to be used to monitor the workstations and servers used in the Living Lab going forward.

Student Team Members:  Garrett Reisenauer, Chris Coleman, Corey Jones