This project began with the intention of developing a web page that would allow users to overlook the floor-plans of their three different locations.  It should also include functionality that allows users to drop tables and chairs in the floor-plans and then submit them so that the tables and chairs can be arranged correctly.  One of the tasks this semester has been to correctly adjust the sizes of the tables and chairs to their correct measurements.  This task was completed quickly.  Another main task this semester was to find out which theme was used initially for the pages.  This would greatly assist in correctly assigning the right values to location data for each object.  A theme was found that worked for the purposes of this project and allowed work to be done.  A new task was found upon hours of testing that wasn’t touched up on until now.  All the objects cannot overlap each other, but a specific chair can overlap a copy of itself.  This issue has been the main focus of this semester and has been difficult to fix.  The options given were to research solutions online or to rewrite the code in a way that accounted for this issue.  The research had no conclusive solutions to the problem.  The rewriting of the code appeared to take longer than the time allotted so it is still in its early phase of pseudo-code.  The main idea is clear to see, however and it could easily be completed in the following semesters as a main objective.

Project Student:  Noah Thacker