The project is about monitoring the system with OSQuery and it is for a university lab. OSQuery is a huge database that gives the user the ability to display information about the Operating system by writing SQL queries. A user can explore so many types of data about the system such as running processes, programs, open ports, services, events and so many other important things that might be needed when it comes to system monitoring. Using that gives the user the ability to automate the queries with powershell and make them write a report in a specific time using task scheduler which can be really helpful for organizations and companies. Another way to monitor the systems with OSQuery easier and faster is to upload the reports or the results of the queries to an FTP server which can be linked to the whole process with task scheduler. A batch script can be written to install OSQuery, run the queries, and upload them to an FTP server in a specific time.

Project Student: Mujahed Almohibes