The project that was assigned by the mentor was a web application for a landscaping company in Indiana. This application will replace their existing method of storing their internal data, which was excel spreadsheets. The new method for storing data will be through this new web application.  The web application interacts with a SQL database that houses many tables derived from their excel spreadsheets. Authorized users will be able to interact with the database via forms. These forms will populate fields in the database, thus being displayed in a grid-view. Some tables will have a second grid-view, due to these tables being in a many to many relationships in the database thus creating intersection tables.

Only certain users will be able to access certain parts of the application. This has been achieved by implementing user roles. Only administrators will be able to add, delete, and edit information in tables where employee data is stored. Regular users will be able to access production statistics, store inventory data and monitor the company’s chemical process applications.

Project Student: Angel I Salas-Phillips