The purpose of this project is to enable students in networking and security track to practice their skills in using the Jagwarz CTF Expansion, Jagwarz website has multiple games such as a Capture-The-Flag(CTF) game , and Red vs Blue game. In addition, each game will have multiple challenges for users to complete to earn points added toward their account. For example, The CTF game challenges demonstrate how to infiltrate the network and capture the flag;thus, they will earn points when their submitted answer is correct.

Our client, Connie Justice wanted to add a new feature to the Red Vs Blue game, which is based on teams instead of single users completing the challenges. There is red and blue teams where red team team must hack the network to find the flags, on the other hand,  The blue team is responsible for securing a network and hiding each of their flags in the files. The points will be taken away from the blue team and will be awarded to the red team when the captured, The red team will start with zero points, so they will gain points from the blue team when answering correct. The teams will be assigned by the admin, and and admin has its own site.

Currently, to accommodate these new features, the front and back-end website needed updates and proper documentation and the backend infrastructure running the virtual machines and networks needed to be rebuilt and properly backed-up.

Project Team Members:  Deshun Coomer, Sultan Albogmy