An Indianapolis organization rents out some buildings for special events, and needs a way for the clients to choose where they want tables or chairs to be placed for their event. The solution is to enable the user to drag-and-drop furniture to each floor plan. Previous students had implemented a working version of this, however there were errors that couldn’t be fixed through their method of creating the functionality. As a result, a new method was required. The breakthrough idea was to create a grid system over the floor plan, and enable furniture icons to be dropped into each cell if it is not already occupied. This was done through creating a series of “divs”, each one representing a different cell.

However, this code was very tedious to make, and with almost 700 cells for a single floor plan, the code would take weeks to type manually. A script was written to generate almost all of the code by finding the necessary size of each div, and creating it with the pictures in place.

Project Student: Tim Graupner