For the PC Donations Build, we have worked on fixing (if needed) computers and getting ready the ones that are eligible to be donated. Since the start of the project, we have worked hard at inventorying around 500 computers so we can start the main project. Over the course of the PC donation build, we continue to have computers handed down to us so we can work and get them into Not For Profit Organizations to be utilized. We have organized them by model and have noted the RAM and storage of each computer into Asset Manager. We organized them this way so we can easily pull computers for different organizations that require different needs. The inventory of  computers that we have are going to different organizations that can use the computers to help in their daily lives. Some organizations may only need them to surf the web, and others may need them for more demanding work. Because of this program, we have been able to take take care of Not For Profit Organization’s technological needs.

Project Student: Christopher Coleman