What Is SETA
SETA is a program designed to help organizations to mitigate the number of security breaches caused by human error. This is accomplished by making people aware of information security policies and being able to apply it during their daily activities to help prevent security incidents.

A SETA program could then be examined and a process could established. Typically it starts out with identifying the scope or objectives within the organization. From there the audience will then be educated and the objectives will be reviewed and then  revised to maximize effectiveness and efficiency. Then process can start over to allow the people to understand the new protocols and expectations. A few types of delivery methods used to inform everyone include: One-on-one training, formal classes or lectures, seminars, and computer-based training.

Who is responsible
Everyone is responsible for security but the IT department management would be a major role in maintaining the the security policies to allow everyone else be informed and aware of current threats and methods of staying safe. Especially normal day to day people who might not be extremely tech savvy and without the proper knowledge could become a dangerous entity to a system or the data that resides on it.

Why it’s important and the benefits of SETA
It can be a very effective and organized method to train, educate, and raise awareness to everything having to do with security and protecting their data. This can then result in people becoming more security conscious. Thus decreasing security incidents due to people thinking and being aware of security issues. Which would protect the organization and any data or information that is affiliated with the user or organization.